August 24, 2020

Although Airbnb has become one of the most popular ways for travellers to encounter accommodations while out and about, there may be times when you are searching for a greater level of privacy and personalised service options. The good news is that extended stay hotels represent excellent alternatives if you happen to be travelling to Melbourne in the near future. Let us take a look at how to find the best location for your needs as well as examine a handful of amenities which have enabled Sebel Docklands and Sebel Residences to stand out from the crowd.

The Advantage of Lower Rates

Travellers are often presented with a number of challenges in terms of financing. If you happen to be on a strict budget, the chances are high that you will be unable to afford high extended stay monthly rates. The good news is that extended stay hotels are often associated with reduced rental fees. Having said this, let us never confuse a cost-effective pricing plan with a lack of bespoke services. Now that we have covered the financial aspects of finding an apartment-like hotel in Melbourne, it is a good idea to examine what features have served to define the Sebel group over the years.

Greater Levels of Personal Space and Convenience

Keep in mind that there is a rather profound difference between a standard hotel and an apartment hotel Melbourne has to offer. Traditional hotels are associated with a significant number of guests and occupancy rates can lead to few vacancies. However, some firms offer a welcome alternative to such settings in the form of medium- to long-term rental options.

Well-known properties such as Sebel offer apartment-style accommodations with a truly flexible edge. For instances, guests can choose from between one and three bedrooms (ideal for those who happen to be arriving with family or friends). The open-air style of these long-term apartments is likewise excellent in terms of offering a greater amount of personal space. Light and tranquil colour palettes, a decidedly contemporary ambience and amazing views of the nearby waterfront will keep guests coming back for more. Large beds, fully equipped kitchens and private balconies are a handful of other amenities which guests are able to select during their stay. Anyone who has been looking to enjoy a hiatus from generic rental experiences will be pleased with what is in store.

A Modern Home Away from Home

Travelling can represent a rather stressful time; particularly if you happen to be relocating to a different part of the world. This is why both Sebel Residences and Sebel Docklands apartments have developed customised monthly hotel rentals that are moulded around the needs of the customer. Still, the ultimate goal is to provide every guest with a veritable home away from home.

This is also an excellent advantage when referring to sheer flexibility. It is often possible to choose specific amenities and to opt out of others. In other words, you will be able to tailor the entire experience around your personal tastes. This is undoubtedly beneficial if you are planning an extended stay, as a great deal of stress might otherwise dull what would have otherwise been a worthwhile concept.

All About an Attention to Detail

The Sebel group appreciates the simple fact that nothing but the best will suffice when searching for long-term accommodation within Melbourne. This is also why the properties themselves are located conveniently close to major attractions as well as local tram services. Thus, enjoying all that this eclectic region to offer has never been easier. Pet-friendly accommodations, open-plan living arrangements, flat-screen televisions, and wireless Internet access are a handful of other amenities which should never be overlooked.

Finding an apartment-like hotel in Melbourne is actually much easier than you may think. If you are looking for an alternative to Airbnb, these properties are excellent options to keep in mind. As always, performing an adequate amount of research in advance will help to ensure that your stay is relaxing and rewarding. It is also prudent to contact a Sebel customer service representative if you have any additional questions or should you wish to book a reservation in advance.

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